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As an honorably retired law enforcement officer and licensed private investigator, Sean Ditty has been conducting investigations throughout the United States for over 33 years.

Much of Sean Ditty Investigations services are to private clients with personal issues and concerns that need to be addressed with utmost confidentiality. Sean Ditty and his professional team of investigators team consist of male and female investigators, many of who are former or retired law enforcement officers. Sean Ditty specializes in the following investigative areas: Personal Liability, Worker’s Compensation Fraud, Workplace Investigations, Surveillance, Cheating Spouse, Employee Theft, Divorce, Child Custody, AOE/COE, Missing Persons and Background Investigations.

Sean Ditty and his team have an extremely high success rate in obtaining video evidence. Our surveillance video evidence, secured in a professional and legal manner, often becomes an essential key piece of evidence for our valued clients. Our surveillance investigators are equipped the latest video equipment, along with hidden pinhole cameras.


Sean Ditty and his Criminal Defense team provide extensive preparation and a phenomenal courtroom reputation which actually keep most cases from going to trial and generating superior results.

Sean Ditty Investigations, with our worldwide resources in the private sector and the active law enforcement community, are willing to take on any assignment nationwide.

We're available 24 hours a day and our information sources are the best in their field, anywhere.


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