Testimonial from Andy Gillin

Our firm has used Sean for numerous investigations over the past eight years and he has always exceeded our expectations. Most of the cases we've solicited his help for were fairly complex; requiring a thoughtful and sophisticated approach. His creativity and people skills have led to some remarkable results.

-Andy Gillin, GJEL Accident Attorneys

Testimonial from David Desatoff

I purchased a full size E-350 extended van back in November 2010, for the purpose of building a 4x4 Handicap vehicle. I have twin disabled boys in wheelchairs, who have Cerebral Palsy & Mental Retardation. Life as you can imagine is very challenging every day. After doing a brief internet search for a company who installs 4x4 in vans, came up with several names. One of whom is Salem Kroeger, a name that will haunt me for a long time. I looked into them, and found that they did installs for Sportmobile conversions. I then met with a lady who had her's done by them, with great results...
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